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Latest Comments From Trump Causing Uproar With Dems

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President Joe Biden and the Democrats find themselves in a challenging position, as current polls indicate a diminishing support base in the face of a potential rematch against former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

The recent Wall Street Journal poll, for instance, showcases Trump leading Biden by a margin of 47-43%. This marks Trump's initial lead over Biden in this specific poll. When considering third-party candidates like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Trump's advantage widens to a six-point margin. Biden not only lags behind in the polls but also grapples with his lowest presidential approval rating at a mere 37%.

In an effort to secure a victory and prevent Trump's return to office, Biden and the Democrats have explored various strategies. 

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Former President Donald Trump speaks during a Commit to Caucus rally, Dec. 2, 2023Matthew Putney/AP

Despite touting the success of "Bidenomics" and claiming economic superiority, these assertions have fallen flat amidst persistent issues such as inflation, high interest rates, and other economic challenges. A substantial 66% of respondents in the Wall Street Journal poll rated the economy as "poor or not good," with a prevailing sentiment that it has worsened over the past two years.

Biden's attempts to cast President Trump's Make America Great Again (MAGA) agenda as extreme have also met resistance. While Biden frequently targets "MAGA Republicans" as hindrances to progress, most Americans perceive an agenda aimed at revitalizing the country as anything but extreme.

The Biden administration, along with Democratic prosecutors in blue counties, has deployed legal obstacles to impede Trump's potential re-election. In an unprecedented move in 2022, Trump became the first president to have his home raided by the FBI. Subsequently, he faces criminal charges and 91 felony counts, accompanied by civil lawsuits and 31 legal challenges regarding his inclusion on the 2024 presidential ballot.



Outlandish accusations, such as claims that Trump incited "insurrection" during the January 6, 2021, protest at the U.S. Capitol, are part of these legal battles. Opponents cite Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to argue that Trump is ineligible for public office. Despite evidence to the contrary, some figures, like establishment Republican Liz Cheney, persist in characterizing Trump as an "existential threat" and even threaten third-party presidential campaigns to thwart his candidacy.

In contrast, Biden's campaign is focused on portraying Trump as a potential dictator. Biden claims that Trump's use of the term "vermin" to describe opponents indicates a troubling intention. Others, like Robert Kagan in The Washington Post, predict a "Trump dictatorship" and compare him to Roman emperor Julius Caesar. Such claims, often amplified by media outlets, are dismissed by many as hyperbolic attempts to manipulate voter sentiments.

Trump, in addressing a Republican audience, has dismissed these notions, asserting that he is not a threat to democracy, but rather, it is Biden who poses a significant challenge. As the only president to endure two impeachments and multiple investigations, Trump remains steadfast in his commitment to preserving democracy and combating what he perceives as the true threat – a "crooked Joe Biden."

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