The United States is a federal democratic republic, meaning that power is divided between the federal government and individual state governments, and that citizens elect representatives to make decisions on their behalf. The founding fathers chose to establish the US as a republic because they believed that a direct democracy, where all citizens would participate in government decision-making, was not practical for a country as large and diverse as the US.

They also believed that a republic would provide better protection for individual rights and prevent the tyranny of the majority. This is why the US is considered a representative democracy, where citizens elect representatives to make decisions on their behalf, while also preserving democratic values and principles.

Individual liberty is a cornerstone of the American political system and a central tenet of the country's founding principles. It is considered essential to the success and prosperity of the nation and to the pursuit of happiness by its citizens. There are several reasons why individual liberty is so important to the United States.

First, individual liberty allows for the free expression of ideas and opinions, which is essential for a functioning republic. It ensures that citizens can freely express their opinions, engage in political discourse, and participate in the democratic process without fear of government retaliation.

Second, individual liberty promotes innovation and progress by allowing individuals to pursue their interests and ambitions without interference. It provides a framework for entrepreneurs, inventors, and other creative individuals to develop their ideas and contribute to the overall progress of society.

Third, individual liberty protects the rights and freedoms of citizens from the

power of the government and ensures that the government is limited in its ability to infringe on those rights. This helps to prevent tyranny and safeguard individual rights and freedoms, such as freedom of speech, religion, and the press, as well as the right to bear arms and the right to due process of law.

Without individual liberty, individuals would be unable to exercise their freedoms and live their lives as they see fit. They would be subject to the arbitrary power of the government or those in control and would not be able to express their opinions freely, participate in the democratic process, or pursue their interests and ambitions without fear of retaliation.

In such a scenario, innovation and progress would be stifled, as individuals would not have the freedom to develop and pursue their ideas. The suppression of individual liberty would also likely lead to widespread violations of human rights and the abuse of power by those in control.

Without individual liberty, citizens would not have the protection of basic human rights and freedoms, such as freedom of speech, religion, and the press, as well as the right to due process of law. This would result in a society that is less tolerant, less diverse, and less free.

In short, without individual liberty, individuals would not be able to fully realize their potential and enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that are essential for a fulfilling and prosperous life.

It is important to understand that while the government is responsible for protecting individual liberties, there are also instances where the government may infringe upon those liberties. Some reasons why one might not fully trust the government to protect their liberties include:

  1. Political pressure: The government may be influenced by political pressures or special interest groups, leading it to act in ways that are contrary to the protection of individual liberties.

  2. Power imbalance: The government holds a great deal of power, and there may be imbalances in that power that can be abused.

  3. Lack of accountability: Without proper checks and balances, the government may act without accountability, leading to the infringement of individual liberties.

  4. Historical precedent: There have been instances in history where governments have infringed upon the liberties of their citizens, even in democratic societies.

  5. Human error: Like any human institution, the government is prone to mistakes and errors, and these can sometimes lead to the infringement of individual liberties.

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It is important to remain vigilant and to hold the government accountable for protecting individual liberties. This can be done through democratic participation, advocacy, and activism, as well as through the legal system and the protection of independent media and watchdog organizations. The media is a state run organization by all accounts with partisan leanings dependent upon the channel. It is more important than ever to identify trustworthy and valid alternatives to the mainstream news. The media has demonstrated a willingness to limit our individualism and treat all of us like a collective body. This is antithetical to our individualism and pursuit of the American Dream. 

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  • Kevin Bernard

    Very well written but, Can you name one individual right that has not been infringed on by our government at some point in this nations history ? The media has become outright propaganda for either the Left, or the Right. Free speech ? Second amendment has been nipped at year after year, The C virus mandates and so on. It seems to me that the government has been more interested in eroding the people’s individual right then doing what it was intended to do by the founding fathers. Perfect example….Why is the government not protecting the people from planned obsolescence that went from 7 years to just over 1 year ? My company purchased a brand new tractor trailer a few years back. At only 6 months old the exhaust component failed. The manufacturer warrantied the part the first time but, when it failed 6 moths later they said it was no longer under warranty and the company had to purchase the part every six months as long as they kept the truck in service, at a cost of $ 650 every time. We now have home appliances that are failing in a few short years where they previously lasted decades. In short, I feel we now have a government that is " For Itself aand By itself " With very little concern about the average American !

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